Google Earth Images


A selection of EUMETSAT's visualised products are available in .kml or .kmz formatting. These are geolocated and can be easily displayed using Google Earth. Using the Google Earth framework, images are automatically refreshed when more recent data become available. The refresh rate differs depending upon the visualised product/RGB in use. The table below provides the refresh rate for the currently available products.

To view the products using Google Earth, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install Google Earth on your system.
  • Get File:Google Earth Logo EUMETSAT.
  • Select the layers you want to view. From the Sidebar > Places, select EUMETSAT Real-Time Imagery.

Data currently available:

Spacecraft Type Full disc Refresh rate
Meteosat IODC
Visualised Products Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE) Yes 30 min


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