MSGIODC Visualised Products

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  MSG IODC PRODUCTS AMV   The Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMV) product consists wind vectors computed at differend heights derived by tracking the motion of the clouds and other atmospheric constituents (e.g. water vapour patterns and ozone). In this example, the wind vectors are derived IR 10.8 images.  
  MSG IODC PRODUCTS MPE   The Multi-Sensor Precipitation Estimate (MPE) product consists of the near-real-time rain rates in mm/hr for each Meteosat image in original pixel resolution. The algorithm is based on the combination of polar orbiter microwave measurements and images in the Meteosat IR channel by a so-called blending technique. The MPE is most suitable for convective precipitation. Applications and Users: Operational weather forecasting in areas with poor or no radar coverage, especially in Africa and Asia.  
  MSG IODC PRODUCTS FIR   The active fire monitoring product (FIR) is a fire detection product indicating the presence of fire within a pixel. The underlying concept of the algorithm takes advantage of the fact that SEVIRI channel IR3.9 is very sensitive to hot spots which are caused by fires. The algorithm distinguishes between potential fire and active fire. Applications and Users: Fire detection and monitoring.  
  MSG IODC PRODUCTS CLM   The Cloud Mask (CLM) product describes the scene type (either clear or cloudy) on a pixel level. Each pixel is classified as one of the following four types: clear sky over water, clear sky over land, cloud or not processed (off Earth disc). Applications and Users: The main use is in support of Nowcasting applications, where it frequently serves as a basis for other cloud products, and the remote sensing of continental and ocean surfaces.  
  MSG IODC PRODUCTS CTH   The Cloud Top Height (CTH) product indicates the height of highest cloud. Based on a subset of the information derived during Scenes and Cloud Analysis, but also makes use of other external meteorological data. Applications and Users: Aviation meteorology.