Meteosat 0 degree

The 0 degree view service comprises a subset of High Rate SEVIRI image data visualisations, in 4 spectral bands from the satellite's field of view, processed in near real-time to Level 1.5, a set of visualised meteorological products and RGB composites. This service is provided to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the satellite data.
  Available Near Real-time Products  
      Product Name & Description  
  MSG Imagery   Imagery   Near real-time images available from the Meteosat Second Generation satellite SEVIRI spectral channels IR 3.9, IR 10.8, VIS 0.6 and WV 6.2  
  MSG Products   Visualised Products   Products available from the Meteorological Products Extraction Facility (MPEF): Atmospheric Motion Vectors AMV, Fire, Cloud Mask CLM, Cloud Top Height CTH.
Products available from H-SAF: Precipitation rate at ground by GEO-IR supported by LEO-MW H03B.
  MSG RGB   RGB Composites   RGB composites available Airmass, Ash, Dust, EView, Fog, Day Microphysics, Natural Colour, Natural Colour Enhncd, Snow and Tropical Airmass